The Museum’s archaeological collection gathers findings that have emerged in recent years, testifying and documenting the long period of human presence in the Upper Agno Valley, from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages.


The naturalistic collections comprise mainly palaeontological findings, but there are also interesting botanical, zoological and mineralogical collections.
More specifically, the natural heritage is represented by
– the historical geo-paleontological collection of Domenico Dal Lago consisting of more than 12,000 mainly fossil exhibits
– the mineralogical collection with approximately 100 specimens
– the open palaeontological collection with more than 5,500 specimens, of which 50 are holotypes and 480 paratypes
– the botanical collection with 1,500 sheets of herbal specimens
– the zoological collection with around 300 specimens

The Museum’s online catalogue can be used to consult and explore part of the collections on display and those stored in the repositories. The task of recording the large number of findings is still ongoing in order to make as many of them available as possible.
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